The Quote Book for Discord.

Quoter is a Discord bot that allows you to save messages into a quote book, and share them with your friends.

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That's going in the quote book.

Easily save Discord messsages into Quoter with context menu integration, and jump to the original message with a link.

Screenshot of Quoter's context menu integration in Discord.

Turn your weirdest sayings into inspirational images.

Generate an inspirational image from a random or specific quote with /inspire.

Screenshot of an inspirational image generated by Quoter.

Quick and simple permissions.

Let anyone create quotes, or only allow managers to do so. Give members the Quote Manager role without setting anything up.

Screenshot of someone changing permissions for Quoter in Discord.

Open source and built to last.

Quoter's source code is available on GitHub, and you can host your own instance of Quoter if you want. You can export your quotes into a JSON file at any time, so even if Quoter is gone, you'll still have your quotes.

Screenshot of Quoter's GitHub page.

And a whole lot more, all for free.

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